Monday, January 31, 2011


This is probably one of the most fun weddings I have done--it might be because the bride turned in to a great friend that I am still in contact today! Her husband is from New York which always adds such a regal feel to an event having guests from the east coast! The couple wanted a Tuscan wine vineyard feel for their special night which was easily accomplished at Villa Siena! The centerpieces were tall wrought iron candelabras covered with greenery and grapes that hung down between the candles. Bottles of wine with custom wine labels awaited the guests at the table as their "favor." The place cards were each placed in a wine cork that were slit to perfectly display all the guests names. Of course authentic Italian food was served! Ok enough details from this event--can't give away all the secrets!

Villa Siena Favorites!

Mad Hatter Tea Party

*Remember I am not a photographer lol!

Bridal Tea

If there is room for it in the budget I think FLOWERS are the way to spend it!!!!!!!

This was what all the tables looked like for a bridal shower that was "tea party" themed! It turned out beautiful and had quite the ambiance with the string quartet in the back ground. And as a neat momento for the bride all the guests signed a tea pot that she now displays in her china hutch!

Bringing the beach to AZ!

When I first met with Alicia and Austin the 1st thing I thought was "Alicia's poor dad lol because I was currently planning her sisters wedding at the exact same time only to take place a few months prior" because let me tell you these girls guest counts were CRAZY!!! This was actually a pretty fun wedding to do even though it was at a private residence (those are the kind of weddings I work the hardest because the lack of staff) They wanted tropical and that is what they got!!! From the live fish in the centerpieces (that I had to repeatedly fill with ice the whole night so they would not die of heat lol) to their amazing lush linens and tropical fruit served in martini glasses I would say this wedding had a rather serene beach feel for a AZ backyard!

I am going to be honest with you--this event planner HATES bridal shows lol, but I randomly do them because I know that it is a "fun thing" girls like to do when they get engaged--heck I even went to one when I got engaged. I always end up meeting a couple amazing brides at each one, but it is just so hard when you are talking to 3000 brides in one weekend to get a real feel for anything. Anyways here are pictures of a setup I did at one that replicates a bridal tea I did at The Phoenician. I loved it--its bright, happy, fun, and I LOVE the lime green mums clumped together!!!! (actually truth be told I like anything clumped together in masses-it makes everything look amazing)