Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage Valentine's

Don't you just L-O-V-E it when 2 perfect things from completely different places line up to create something--well PERFECT lol!!!! I sure do, and that is recently what happened when I saw the Valentine's Day pillow line from The MonMell Girls!!! Pottery Barn Kids and MonMell must have been on the same creative path for this February because they each created something different but with the same vintage Valentine pattern! Pottery Barn Kids came out with their annual holiday place mats, silverware, plates, & cups in a VINTAGE print and MonMell created this burlap piece of Valentine heaven with matching vintage fabric on one side--obviously this meant 1 thing, and that was that I needed IT ALL so I create the cutest little Valentine table settings for my 2 "Little Loves". Then to just make everything even more perfect I actually made a vintage Valentine banner last year from a tutorial that Paper Princess Studios did on TV last Feb.
* Of course since I am in the middle of trying to find a house to buy all my stuff is in boxes in a storage unit so the table scape is not over the top because I am missing all my decor/linens, but it was still fun to play with and show you what you could do too!!! Which by the way all the table top at Pottery Barn is on SALE now:)
*The little mailbox in the very 1st photo is from the dollar section at Target which I put little notes/treats in for my boys before meals--it is then covered in vinyl from my silhouette machine
*Another FYI my little wood table is from Buy Buy Baby--it was 79.00 (then I used my coupon too) total for the table and 2 chairs in case your wanting one...

Is this banner not the cutest thing you have ever seen? It's made out of conversation hearts candy boxes!!!

I got these vintage valentines somewhere for free,but can not find the site right now, but as soon as I do I will link it up for you:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hallie & Matt--Dream Barn Wedding

The breath taking ceremony
I don't even know where to start with this wedding--it was seriously one of those weddings that every vendor in the wedding industry dreams of being apart of... Let's start with the couple...they were so nice and laid back, but knew exactly what they wanted, however, I worked mostly with Hallie's Mom on this event because Hallie's work life was so incredibly insane during the planning months {BTW check her out here--she is one of the authors of The Beer Chicks} In the middle of planning she started filming her reality show which her fiance produced so he was super busy too} They already had the venue booked when they brought me on--which I absolutely adored as soon as I went out to do a walk thru--it was a bare, empty, rusty, old barn, and then since I knew that Angelic Grove was doing the flowers/decor--I knew it would be nothing short of breath taking! So to planning we went-adding more and more details and making my time line possibly the longest I have had in awhile. My list of things that I ordered from both of our sponsors was LONG, but I just kept thinking of ideas to add on lol.
As guests valeted their cars they were immediately greeted with a custom champagne like beer as a refresher before the ceremony. The female guests were then given the option to grab a parasol to keep the sun off their faces. Then they made their way into the half of the barn that was for the ceremony--suspended from the ceiling were about 15 massive chandeliers that each held tons of votive candles. The chuppah was made from tree branches with an exquisite piece of fabric that was just the right amount of see thru so the sun light could shimmer thru it as it was draped on top. Succulents were randomly placed down the aisle. Seriously Mark and his team from Angelic Grove were amazing! Then after the beautiful ceremony guests went to cocktail hour which took place outside the barn under a patio. Hanging from this patio were lots and lots mason jars hanging all with candles lit in them. There were some random rustic couches/love seats that I had custom pillows made for out of burlap that gave off just the right amount of coziness! And so the women wouldn't get too chilly outside pashmina scarves were in barrels outside for easy access. While the guests were outside having Hor D' Oeuvres & cocktails they also had the task of going up to the clothes lines that held their place cards with clothes pins that were Hallie's Grandmas!
I had the pleasure of opening one of the sets of barn doors to the reception--to see the looks and hear the expressions of all the guests was one I will never forget because it truly was MAGICAL. All the tables were mismatched wood. They were circle & rectangle ones all covered in different lace runners and linens, but ALL had AMAZING floral centerpieces that you could not take your eyes off of. And of course with the opening of the doors came the music from the 12 piece band. Off to the side is where some desserts were displayed--not just any desserts though they were each a Grandma's recipe that the caters duplicated--so of course custom wood signs were made to label these special pies. After dinner and some dancing they was a S'mores bar and numerous fire pits outside the barn all complete with rustic seating--and just to make sure guests were completely comfortable a Coffee/Espresso Air Stream pulled right up to make each guest their custom latte/coffee drink, and let me tell you by this point in the night I was pretty much done so I had one of those espresso drinks and it was a little bit of heaven in my mouth!!!
Now to woo you all with some pictures--Thank you so much Hollye Schumacher for sending me these because my iphone ones just wouldn't do:)

The clothes line where the table assignments were hung

Angelic Grove's Crew at work