Friday, February 4, 2011

French Country

These tulips were hand planted down the aisle

These clumps of flowers were EVERYWHERE from the nooks of the gazebo to 25 tin buckets that were filled with them that lined a white picket fence!

The sweet heart table!

Each place card was punched to give a lace effect
The bride and her dad rode thru an aisle of cows to get to the ceremony site--this same walk way thru the cows was where the guests were taken to get to their seats. It started the ambiance of the whole night!
Crystal adorned white cowboy boots

The bridal party was loaded onto this tractor right after the ceremony
Notice the petals and crystals that are hanging behind the sweet heart table!
Again the lace look was brought out in the cake

The reception took place in the families private hangar that was on the property as the farm
The ceremony was set up as a circle and was VERY dramatic

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