Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kim & Rob

Every now and then my dear friends over at Thee Wedding Warehouse book more than 1 wedding on a certain day {this happens a lot in AZ because every one fights over the same weekends when it's nice outside}well when this happens my company gets contracted in and I go handle the rehearsal/wedding day! This was one of those weddings, and I lucked out because Kim was one of the sweetest brides ever {who loved pink quite a lot}--so it was a pleasure making sure everything went perfect on her wedding day {this meant not letting her find out that the videographer caught the stomach flu on the way to the wedding, but rearranging things in the timeline the whole night for when the videographer was not in the bathroom, but all the vendors pulled together and covered for everyone and she never knew}! Now let me introduce you to the AMAZING photographers behind this wedding that were incredible to work with--VERDI PHOTOGRAPHY--they are based out of NY & AZ!

She was a tad SASSY

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