Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Will you be my Valentine {Boy Style}

I had a few different people ask me to give them ideas for their SONS on Valentine treats for them to take to school. So here are a few favorites of mine--now get to VALENTINE making so you don't wait til the last minute!! XOXO
"Looking for something super quick and easy for Valentine’s? Look no further! Today, I’m showing how to make these fun and easy I “Mustache” You Valentines." --Lil Luna
"Oh play dough, we love you. What would the 14th February be without some valentine playdough?" Check out the Nurture Store for this recipe and FREE printable Valentine recipe card!
Tip Junkie is offerring
FREE printable Valentine Valentines that makes such cute kids valentines perfect for their school class, preschool class, or just for fun! Print out this home made Valentine and pop in a few Smarties candies for unique, fun and yummy Valentines candy card!
For this super cute magnifying Valentine check out Dandee Designs Blog...
For directions on how this Hooked on You Bucket was achieved check out Lil Luna's blog...

And of course you can check out my post from a few weeks ago to see what my little boy is bringing!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Father of the Bride Gift Idea

Since I just did a Groomsmen gift idea I figured why not go ahead and do a Father of the Bride gift? Are these cufflinks not the cutest idea you have ever seen? My Dad would have flipped and bawled like a baby if I gave these to him on my wedding day. The best part about them is that they are hand made for every order. If your interested in placing a order go to this website!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Groomsmen Gift

As I was reading thru some of my favorite wedding blogs I came across this awesome idea for groomsmen on Preston Bailey's blog! {Have I ever mentioned that I have met him and he signed one of my books that he wrote--Yes I LOVE him}
Anyways this box is filled with a Guinness Brownie, flask, & of course booze--isn't this the key to every guys heart?

I love how the FABULOUS people behind this box took the time to add detail--I feel like a lot of time when it comes to the Groomsmen they get jipped, and how awesome is it that the original designers of this box put the recipe for the brownie and FREE printables for these tags on their blog so NO MORE STRESSING for groomsmen gifts!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

{Mock} Sweetheart Table

Yesterday I had the pleasure of setting up a mock sweetheart table at Ocotillo Golf Resort for an open house they hosted for new/current brides. It was such an honor to be asked to come participate because they only had 1 vendor for each category. Everyone has been so intrigued with burlap lately that I decided to head that direction, and of course the XOXO banner from Paper Princess and AMAZING burlap pillows from MonMell were a hit, and went very well with my centerpiece from Thee Wedding Warehouse. I met some super nice brides, and got to chow on some pretty amazing food like the mini grilled cheese sandwiches served over tomato soup:) I chatted with other vendors, but this Cuban Cigar Roller really caught my eye--so much so that I even brought one home for my Mr.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jennifer & Stephen

This was another VERY sweet couple I had the pleasure of working with this season. They were one of those couples that every time they looked at each other you could just tell they were madly in love and couldn't wait for their new life together! Their wedding took place in one of the handful of beautiful old traditional churches in Arizona. Their Catholic ceremony was beautiful and full of family traditions. The church bells rang as soon as they kissed and then as soon as the church doors were opened a full mariachi band stood & started playing music signalling that the {party} was just getting started... all it took was a walk across the street to The Wigwam for the rest of the night to begin! The overall feeling of ROMANCE showed throughout their whole wedding with tons of glowing candle light and pops of red! Thanks again to Thee Wedding Warehouse for giving me the opportunity to work with this great couple and their families & a HUGE thanks to Pinkerton Photography for all the great images so that I can share this night with all of you...

The bride's twin sister zipping her up...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine's for {BOYS}

The other day I saw on a another party planner's face book page what she was doing for her son's Valentine's & they were just too cute that I had to do it too! So thank you Banner Events for the awesome manly idea:) I ordered these Super Cute personal Valentine's from Paper Coterie--they also have a promo going on if you enter HAPPYVALENTINE so for 12 invites plus shipping I paid just under 13 bucks! Now of course don't think this is where it will stop--these Valentine's have to have a treat to go with them--so these Space Shuttle cakes will be accompanying each card! The step by step instructions to make those are found at The Celebration Shoppe!

Yes that is my {sweet} boy!
Let me know if you end up making any Valentine's from here too--I would LOVE to see them!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cake Pop Cake

As I meet with more & more brides lately I am finding that wedding cakes are definitely taking a back seat to some of these other desserts that are popular at this point in time--cake pops, cupcakes, macaroons, whoopie pies ect. Now I don't think wedding cakes will ever be completely fazed out in my life time, but the percentage of brides going non traditional is rising. Lucky for me I work with some amazing pastry chefs/artists to help make this new trend work possible. Take Mind Over Batter for instance--they had this huge cake pop holder built to resemble a wedding cake! These lucky wedding guests got to help themselves to 3 cake pops each. There were 5 flavors to choose from--each flavor was decorated different. And then the best part was a little mini cake sat on top as the topper that the bride/groom were able to cut for pictures. So if your one to be non-traditional here is a little inspiration for you...

*Picture was taken with my phone so sorry it's not photographer fabulous but I am normally running around weddings nonstop with no time for a meal let alone time to get my camera lol!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rocky & Tracy

I have to start by thanking Melissa Young for these AMAZING pictures to help me show you Rocky & Tracy's wedding! Tracy hired me on about 3 months before her wedding {with nothing done yet lol} She somewhat had a vision, and we had a short amount of time to make it happen, but it all came together quite nicely!

*Below Believe it or not that is baby's breath in those galvanized buckets--a 1st for me!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sign I had made for the flower girl to carry down the aisle from one of our sponsors--Paper Princess!

Obviously you can't miss their shoes:)

*Below the burlap banner was hung on both sides down the aisle and added just the right amount of detail!

Notice the Jenga pieces were signed in lieu of a guest bookSaying this couple was FUN is an understatement!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kim & Rob

Every now and then my dear friends over at Thee Wedding Warehouse book more than 1 wedding on a certain day {this happens a lot in AZ because every one fights over the same weekends when it's nice outside}well when this happens my company gets contracted in and I go handle the rehearsal/wedding day! This was one of those weddings, and I lucked out because Kim was one of the sweetest brides ever {who loved pink quite a lot}--so it was a pleasure making sure everything went perfect on her wedding day {this meant not letting her find out that the videographer caught the stomach flu on the way to the wedding, but rearranging things in the timeline the whole night for when the videographer was not in the bathroom, but all the vendors pulled together and covered for everyone and she never knew}! Now let me introduce you to the AMAZING photographers behind this wedding that were incredible to work with--VERDI PHOTOGRAPHY--they are based out of NY & AZ!

She was a tad SASSY