Monday, October 24, 2011


I had the pleasure of helping Ashley LeMieux from The Shine Project last week with her charity auction! The auction was put in place to raise money for 7 college scholarships for 7 students from Cesear Chavez High School. As Ahley says "Over 150 people came and showed their support, thousands of dollars were raised, the kids absolutely nailed all of their performances, and most importantly, they were able to feel the love of others who want them to succeed in their lives." I would consider that a SUCCESS! Go check out her blog to see what else this amazing girl is up to, and to see pictures form the event!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Reveal have or not to have

I get asked my opinion on "The Reveal Moment" ALL the time and what my opinion is--well I have had such a rush of new brides I am working with and I seem to be referring them to this article a lot lately that I thought I would share it with everyone! Radiant Photography wrote an article on the issue and I think that it sums up the points to be made about the issue perfectly--so check it out here!!! I will be honest I was always a wait til the ceremony type of gal, but this article completely changed my mind to the point that I am now upset I did not have a reveal with my husband lol!!