Friday, September 20, 2013

How to paint the frame of your TV!

Finally--Here is what we did to get my mounted TV GOLD for the new Sassy Office!!! *FYI if your husband or significant other looks at you like your INSANE that is the 1st step and your off in the right direction!!!
 *Yes the cords are going to be hidden:)

Here is our TV before we started...
1st we laid it down flat with the screen laying on carpet--then all the screws were taken out
Even though all the screws were removed there were still wires that connected the frame to the TV that easily came undone.
Yes this was scary--I just prayed the TV would work after we put it back together lol
Next we sanded down the high gloss frame
Taped up a few wire connectors that were on the inside of the frame
My husband then had the GENIUS idea to place toothpicks in the holes where the screws go to hold the frame up elevated so it could get a good even spray
Those 2 circles are just stickers (1 is actually a rhinestone lol) that I placed over the sensor area so they would not get paint on them and they kept a good clean circle outline
Next it got a good coat of primer
After that dried came the GOOD STUFF

Honestly it was a pretty easy project! I normally do not post DIY tutorials so let me know if I didn't answer all your questions, and happy painting!!!