Friday, August 9, 2013

How to make a road for your next Car Party!

I know I know I have been the worse blogger ever, but I am in the middle of having all my stuff re-done and so I have not even wanted to blog til we had our new look. However, after I posted a picture of the road I made for my sons NASCAR party on instagram (@sassysoirees) my email blew up for a tutorial--so here we are!!! Let me start by saying that this was thrown together in a day, and is SUPER easy, and super CHEAP!!!
Black plastic table cloths
White printer paper
Black duct tape

-Lay out your rectangle table cloth and cut lengthwise in half (do this on however many depending how long a road your making)
-Lay them out where you want them to go and tape them down
-Then cut rectangles out of your computer paper 
-Tape those every 6 in or so

For the NASCAR made out of cardboard I simply went to a local beer distributor who is a NASCAR sponsor and asked if they had any advertising props I could borrow--and what do you know they had this AWESOME car!!!

What did I tell ya--EASY PEASY, and your 5 year old thinks your the most AWESOME mom ever!!!