Saturday, December 17, 2011

My kids "North Pole Breakfast"

I am 12 weddings behind from this fall and I DID NOT even watermark these pictures, but here they are just in time for Christmas... {I am on the hunt for someone to do my blogging}

So VERY last minute I decided to do a breakfast where our Elf On The Shelf would make his debut for the season--so after I got home at midnight from my Toys R Us encounter {lol} I got to work on all the stuff because I had nothing done for it besides the cake pops!!!! So snowball donuts, reindeer pancakes, & snowman milk were served and Charlie hung from the chandelier above the table--it was a HIT! Sorry I don't have more detailed pictures but I sat down and enjoyed myself with the boys too:)
*Keep in mind when looking at my pictures that we just put all our decor/furniture in storage and are in between houses--as soon as Christmas is over the search begins!!!!
I had these bad boys made just for the breakfast--"mixed" elf cake pops from Mind Over Batter!!

I bought the plush elves this year as well so they can "touch" something since Charlie will lose his magic if they touch him:)
*The Santa mailbox {where Charlie ldelivers notes} on back of chairs, placemat, cups, bowls, & plates is all from Pottery Barn Kids

*This snowman milk was cute. but my son got to it before I took his picture lol but I suppose that is REAL life:)

Getting his mail

Monday, October 24, 2011


I had the pleasure of helping Ashley LeMieux from The Shine Project last week with her charity auction! The auction was put in place to raise money for 7 college scholarships for 7 students from Cesear Chavez High School. As Ahley says "Over 150 people came and showed their support, thousands of dollars were raised, the kids absolutely nailed all of their performances, and most importantly, they were able to feel the love of others who want them to succeed in their lives." I would consider that a SUCCESS! Go check out her blog to see what else this amazing girl is up to, and to see pictures form the event!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Reveal have or not to have

I get asked my opinion on "The Reveal Moment" ALL the time and what my opinion is--well I have had such a rush of new brides I am working with and I seem to be referring them to this article a lot lately that I thought I would share it with everyone! Radiant Photography wrote an article on the issue and I think that it sums up the points to be made about the issue perfectly--so check it out here!!! I will be honest I was always a wait til the ceremony type of gal, but this article completely changed my mind to the point that I am now upset I did not have a reveal with my husband lol!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thomas the Train Birthday Party!

This was a FUN party to plan--I loved the colors and the challenge of turning the theme of Thomas into something a little bit more modern! I actually went with a color scheme of red, teal, & yellow and then only had the actual Thomas stuff royal blue. The balloons added whimsy and depth to the table where the kids ate and of course they are from Polka Dot Market! The 3 HUGE balloons in the center of the clumps were quite the hit with the little guys! Then I went on to make the party hats for all the kids which were just printed on card stock, then I added the little colored balls to the top, and some elastic. The birthday boy's hat came from a good friend of mine--her etsy shop's link is further down. The actual front and back end of Thomas were made mostly from thick colored board from Hobby Lobby and my silhouette. Obviously ALL the treats were amazing and a big hit and the children all went home with big sugar highs, but not everything went 100 perfect with this--the original amazing 3d Thomas cake did not actually make it to the party (which was a huge bummer, but things happen) because of the random humidity and our extreme high temp. of 112 that day he did not survive the delivery very well. Luckily I have an awesome relationship with bakery and they dismantled a wedding cake they had baked for the next day and turned that into a Thomas cake and literally delivered it minutes before we started--so all ended well! Another highlight of the dessert table were the drinks for the kids. I found old vintage plastic bottles here and had Full Steam Ahead "Steamy Sippers"--blue or red juice was in the bottles with striped straws tied to them, and minutes before the kids were done playing dry ice was put into each bottle so they were all steaming when they got in the room. I can honestly say I have never had this big of reaction from a bunch of toddlers so if you can put dry ice in your drinks some how--DO it lol! Other than that it is all pretty self explanatory but feel free to ask any questions... Thank you again to Jackie Lindfors Photography for the AWESOME pictures, and to Aspire kids Gym for creating an amazing atmosphere for the kids to play!
The kids got to feel like they were eating inside the Thomas train car with the front and back end of him connected to the ends of the table

This was the original cake that was AWESOME! (Both cakes from Mind Over Batter)
The impromptu cake turned from wedding cake to Thomas cake in 1 hour
These cookie pops were the favors and were made by Fun Favors

The red polka dot runner is from Sara-vs-Sarah
The adorable cake pops were shaped like Thomas, James, & Percy & were from Mom's Killer Cakepops

Full Steam Ahead "steamy sippers" were served to the kids which they LOVED!!!! Who doesn't love smoke coming out of their drink though:)

The ohhh so yummy cupcakes were BLUE VELVET and were made by Modern Cupcake and their cute Thomas fondant toppers were made by Two Sugar Babies
The amazing hat for the birthday boy was made by Paper Princess Studios
Jello "orange slices" that I made from the direction from this site

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mad Hatter Madness!

Where do I start?? I have never planned an event in 16 days before this baby shower, but now I can say that it's possible!!!! I have to give credit where credit is due so THANK YOU so much to all my amazing vendors for pulling together last minute and helping create my insane ideas! This party was a couples baby shower so it was NOT suppose to be too girly. We tried to cover the main aspects of the movie, but still stay in budget! As you entered the party you walked thru 2 spiral tall topiary trees decked out in black, white, and red for the Queen of Hearts!! There were the Heart Soldiers, marshmallow pops dipped in clover, spades, aces, & heart sprinkles, and tissue paper balls. Then as soon as you walked in you saw where dinner was going to take place--which was like they were literally going to sit down in the movie with the whimsical grass centerpieces (from Buckeye Faith and Flowers) with mismatched tea cups, and playing cards all over then overhead lanterns were hung above the tables which added a touch of whimsy! Then when your eyes hit the dessert table madness struck again--Modern Cupcakes each adorned with mad hatter hats or crazy pinwheel fondant toppers from Two Sugar Babies, Cake Pops like I have NEVER seen before from Mind Over Batter all in the shapes of different characters from the movie, individual french bottles with signs on each one that read "drink me", the cutest cookies I have ever seen from Fun Favors all individually wrapped with little tags that read "There is no great genius without some touch of madness", and last but not least purple marshmallow pops hidden in grass in a tea cup to represent the disappearing Cheshire Cat.
*Keep in mind these pictures are mine and I am NOT a professional photographer lol

Favor tags designed by Gwynn Wasson Designs
This tea pot was signed by the guests so they can display it in their china hutch
Water Bottle labels by Gwynn Wasson Designs

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Minute 4th of July ideas

Are you hosting 4th of July this year? Well here are some fun unique ideas to have your guests talking... Check out my 4th of July inspiration board on pinterest.
Let me know if you want a invite to join Pinterest if you don't have a account!